Gap Year - What to Consider

A Gap Year is a break taken by students between high school and university or further studies. There are various reasons you might choose to take a gap year, including:

  • To build experience and life skills through work or volunteering;

  • To travel and develop autonomy and other skills;

  • To take time to consider career/study options;

  • To build experience or skills required to apply for a course or program;

  • To save money for future studies, by working full-time;

  • and many more!


Some suggestions for a productive Gap Year:

  1. Do an traineeship, where you combine full-time work and on-the-job training for a year

  2. Volunteer in the community, or combine part-time work with volunteering

  3. Travel - especially with a purpose

If you are considering taking a gap year, book a time to discuss your options with a BSSC Careers & Pathways Advisor. We can provide expert advice and assistance, whether you are considering working, travelling or volunteering.

For further information on the range of options available, browse this page and check the following link:

Defence Force Gap Year

The Australian Defence Force Gap Year program provides an opportunity for young Australians who have finished Year 12 to experience military training and lifestyle whilst gaining new skills and pay over their Gap Year in the Army, Navy or Air Force. You will earn more than $45,000, have subsidised accommodation and full medical and dental coverage.


For more information and to start your application, go to: 



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