Health and Allied Health

​Interested in health? There's more to health careers than only being a doctor or a nurse. Have you heard of Allied Health Careers? These professionals include,

but are not limited to:

• Audiologist:                                         Assessment, treatment and prevention of hearing and balance disorders.

Chiropractor:                                      Diagnose and treat physiological and mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

• Dietitian:                                              Advises patients on nutrition for health, weight management or for specific medical conditions.

 Exercise Physiologist:                       Focuses on therapy and rehabilitation of injury, chronic disease and disability through exercise.

Medical Imaging Professionals:    Including radiographers, sonographers and radiologists.

 Occupational Therapist:                 Assist people with illness or disability to develop or maintain daily living and work skills.

 Osteopath:                                          Works with manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to treat and prevent injury.

• Orthotist:                                            Prescribe, design and fit braces and other devices to aid mobility and rehabilitation, correct deformity and relieve   


Perfusionist:                                       Operates a range of machinery during surgery (and in ICU) to monitor a patients physiological status.

• Pharmacist:                                        Prepare, dispense and manufacture medicines and advise on their appropriate use. Pharmacists may also work in a

                                                                  research capacity.

• Physiotherapist:                               Focuses on the diagnosis, management and prevention of movement disorders and injury.

• Podiatrist:                                          Treats conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Psychologist:                                     Studies, treats and evaluates mental and behavioural processes.

• Social Worker:                                   Helps people deal with personal and social issues through counselling, community engagement, advocacy and various


• Speech Pathologist:                         Assess and treat patients who have a communication disability. Speech pathologists may also work with patients who have

                                                                 trouble swallowing.

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