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Applying to work as a Police Officer, Protective Services Officer or Custody Officer

Police Officers General duty officers are always the first on the scene at any reportable crime or public need and provide their service to the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The majority of Victoria Police members work as a General Duties Police Officer but there are also many specialist roles that require further training once you've completed 2-4 years of general duties operational experience.

Protective Services Officers (PSOs) monitor peak hour train services. You will build and maintain rapport with commuters and the surrounding community to build trust in the safety of the station. You will proactively patrol the train platform, car parks and surrounds, dealing with anti-social behaviour, property damage, alcohol and transport related offences as they arise.

Police Custody Officers (PCOs) are responsible for overseeing the management of persons in the custody of Victoria Police. The Police Custody Officer role offers a stimulating, challenging and rewarding career. You are a valued member of the local police team and play a crucial role in the management and welfare of persons in custody.

Students are eligible to apply at 18 – There is a misconception that young adults do not have enough life and work experience for the role.  To the contrary, a large number of members of the Police Force joined at the age of 18.   Police recruitment staff and psychologists will assess applicants to determine their suitability for the policing environment at each of the 11 stages of the recruitment process.

Work experience is determined by a number of factors – When asked about previous work experience, answers may include: customer service experience, exposure to conflict resolution, ability to adapt to the workplace, team work, leadership and developed emotional intelligence.  For example, part-time work at McDonald’s is highly regarded.  However, if a student is only working 5 hours a week over an extended period of time, they may not be consistently developing the skills required for the Police role.

Life experience will be different for each applicant – Again, police recruitment staff and psychologists will assess this factor on a case-by-case basis.  There are times where a young applicant ticks the boxes but fails to demonstrate the required maturity and communication skills necessary to perform the duties of a Police Officer or Protective Services Officer (PSO) at the panel interview stage.

While taking a gap year to find employment or travel is an option, it is important that during those 12 months those young applicants are actively looking to further develop themselves in other areas.  Volunteering, involvement in a community group or sporting club is also highly regarded.  Again, it is important to note that in order to be a competitive applicant, applicants must show that they have had consistent part-time or full time employment.

It can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months to complete the 11 stages of the recruitment process for the Police Officer recruitment.  Applicants are responsible for preparing themselves for each stage.  Resources are available on the police careers website, and the Police Applicant Attraction Team is more than happy to support applicants throughout the recruitment process.

A large number of applicants are unsuccessful due to a lack of preparation for the entrance exam and fitness assessment, as well as a lack of understanding of the role they have applied for.  Students are encouraged to speak to Police and PSO members at their local police station or train station so that they have a greater understanding of what is expected at the Police Academy and on the job.

If an applicant is deemed unsuccessful they will be required to wait 12 months before reapplying.  

Students are recommended to browse Police Career, visit the Victoria Police YouTube channel and watch the informational recruitment videos.

Other Roles at the Police - Public Servants

Victoria Police employs more than 3,300 support staff (public servants) in a range of challenging roles across the state, providing essential assistance to Police officers, the organisation and the community. Opportunities exist in areas from human resources management, finance and procurement, medical and legal services, information technology, administration, as well as specialist roles such as analysts and forensics officers. These roles usually require completion of a TAFE Diploma with work experience. Most public servant roles will require a university degree and relevant experience for the role. 

Examples of Public Servant Jobs Recently Advertised at the Police:

Administrative Officer: This position will provide administrative support to the Road Policing Drug and Alcohol Section and is primarily involved with the administrative processing and case management support of forensic samples taken in relation to drink and drug driving.

Business Analyst: The Business Analyst is responsible for managing the finance reporting and analysis requirements for the Region. You will work largely autonomously with a small team and be expected to take a lead role in ensuring the financial reporting and analysis needs of the Region are met. You will be able to think strategically to find solutions to finance-related issues and be able to fully manage the implementation of these solutions. An appropriate tertiary qualification is highly desirable

Senior Forensic Officer: As a senior caseworker, undertake complex and non-routine casework in the discipline of Audio Visual evidence.

Qualification and experience requirement: A relevant tertiary qualification and/or extensive industry experience in the following areas:  Audio Engineering, Video Engineering, Broadcast Engineering, Signal Processing, Physics, Computer Science, Programming, Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

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